James Rizzi

James Rizzi is an artist. He does animated pictures.  We drew towers by James Rizzi – a cityscape. The towers are our favorite art so far. People that walk past our class compliment our art. James Rizzi was born in 1951 and he died in 2011. He was from Brooklyn in New York. In James Rizzi’s art you will see bright colours, bulidings that look like people, people that look like buildings, black outlines, birds  and backgrounds completely filled with designs. He inspired our city scapes in oil pastels.

By: Olivia, Reka & Melissa. 

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Walk on Wednesday Winners

Ms. Mooney’s 5th class were the ‘Walk on Wednesday’ winners this week. Every Wednesday, the number of children per class who walked to school is counted. The class with the highest number of walkers wins the golden boot and a homework pass!

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Our Special visit

Today we got to see and hold the Liam McCarthy Cup. Galway won it at the All Ireland Hurling Final and Joe Canning won it for us against Waterford. He had a team to help him at the match and some support from the fans and from his family where would we be right now without Joe and his team.And we all went  into the P.E hall and was shouting Galway for them and we saw all of the cups that they won ìn the Last this year.The name of the other cups are The League Cup, Leinster Trophy-Wexford, Minor Cup-Cork, The under 16 camogie-Niamh McPeake and last but not least the Liam McCarthy Cup.

By Samuel Sh.


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Gaelic Football

GAA Football All Ireland Senior Championship Quarter-Final, Croke Park, Dublin 31/7/2016
Galway vs Tipperary
Galway’s Danny Cummins
Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne

Every Tuesday after school there is Gaelic Football. Yesterday we played no mans land after that we practiced our pick up’s. Soon after that we played a match the people on my team were Darragh, Ryan Chilean and myself. In he first we won Chilean made some really good saves Ryan almost scored but it hit the post. After that the appoints had a few chances but Chilean made a few more good saves. I scored the winning goal. In the second game we lost Evan scored past me. In the third match we won I scored again. And in the fourth match we lost Calvin scored. And our last match we won I scored. In two weeks we will have a blitz up in Crest wood I am so excited.

By Declan Daly

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A Visitor Yet To Come

On the 21 of October my aunty and cousins are coming over.

They haven’t came over in such a long time.

They live in London.

They are coming over next Sunday.

On Saturday if it’s good weather we are going to go in the castle.

After we might go to the Coole Park.

Then on Monday we are going to go to Jump Lains.

After on Tuesday we are going to be going to Monkey Business.

Then on Wednesday if it’s good weather my mum and aunty are going to go to town.

I’m so excited.



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Modigliani Art

Modigliani is a man from Italy. He is famous for his out of proportion style of portraits. We used oil pastels to colour our portraits. We outlined our portrait features with black oil pastel at the end. The features are out of proportion with small eyes and mouth and with long faces, necks and noses. While we made these pictures and when we started to colour them our hands got really dirty from the oil pastels and our table was dirty too. It would have been cleaner with other colouring materials but it was worth it in the end because of the strong colors the oil pastels gave to our pictures. Modigliani died in 1920.

By: Milo, Reicela, and Jordan

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Picasso Art

We did Picasso art because he has a good imagination. Picasso’s art has a really nice style to it. He sections his art into different parts. Picasso is very famous for his portraits. Picasso had a few periods in hi life. In his blue period he was very depressed so he used cool/dark colours. In his rose period he cheered up and used lighter, warmer colours in his work.  Piccaso died in 1973.

By Wiktoria, Jamie, David, Alex.

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Liam McCarthy Cup Visits Tirellan

Today a Galway hurling club came in to our school . They came to show off the five cups that they currently hold . They came in to the P.E hall and we took a lot of photos. Mrs Dillon tried to hold the Liam McCarthy cup and acted like it was heavy (which it was not). They came into our class and took a photo of us with the cups. Then we got HOMEWORK OFF and that made our day.

By Inga, Travis, Evan & Destiny

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Galway are the Best

Today we had a special visit. There were five cups the Liam McCarthy Cup, League, Leinster Trophy , Minor and the under 16 camogie team. All the classes were in the school hall. The noise was so loud my ears were almost bleeding. I was screaming my heart out. So were my friends who I was sitting beside. A lot of people were wearing beautiful Galway jersey and jumpers. After that people came into our class. We took photos with the trophies. A few minutes after that our class got to hold the cup. I held the Liam McCarthy Cup the Minor Cup the League Cup and the Under 16 camogie cup. The whole county of Galway are so proud of them.



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Ireland vs Wales

Yesterday Ireland played Wales in the World Cup Qualifiers. Ireland won by 1-0 and James McClean scored the goal to send Wales out and Ireland through to the play off. Garth Bale wasn’t able to play do to injury so we were lucky. Yesterday all of us were happy and prod of our team and country.

By Samuel Shomefun and Declan Daly

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