Faces: What Happened Next


The man was frighten and scared he said to the driver to let him. The driver stopped and let him out .He ran so fast but the car kept on following the man.The man jumped into a bush so he could hide from them but the egg faced man pulled up and got out of the car and started searching for him.From behind the egg faced woman saw him and crept up on him and said hello i can see you . He jumped out of the bush and he jumped in to the car and drove off. He looked behind him and saw them chasing him he went faster he looked behind him again and they were not chasing  him anymore so he pulled up for a few minutes. Then he heard a noise  on his car roof he started to drive again but the noise got louder then he stopped and got out of the car and checked what it was it was the egg faces man the man started to run the egged faced kept on running after him they finally caught him and brought him back to there place. They said to him that he looked the sake same as them. He didn’t believe them .They said to him look in the mirror he look in the mirror and saw himself with no mouth no nose no ears and no eyes.


By Nicole

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Hello everyone! Next Friday the 30th of June 2017, I`m moving to a new school and a new apartement.  Now I`ll talk about my new school in Dougishka.

It`s called Merlin school.They have a disco party every year and they go to the park near them on sunny days.

They have funny Christmas shows and they go to Bunratty Castle too! And do you know what? I`ll bring you to the park too! I`ll even visit you sometimes. I hope you enjoy the summer!


By Sirine.

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Awards, Yeah

Today was the awards ceremony where the school gives out awards for reading and attendance. Today in my class (Ms Farrelly’s) I got my very first award, and I got it for reading, which is my second favourite thing to do, yeahhhhhhhhh.😁😁😁, also sadly, Monday is sixth classes last day of school. 😢😢😢

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New Animation

We are doing a new animation about catterpillers 😀 LOL. im so exicited lmao XD. here is the cattarpillar evolving! (pokemon joke). lololololololololoololololololololololololololololol memz. 😉


Image result for caterpillar

Image result for caterpillarImage result for caterpillar


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Essay Competition Prize Winner

Congratulations to Rebecca who wrote a really imaginative story for the recent Pioneer Essay competition.

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Community Games 2017 in Full Swing:)

  Children from Scoil San Phroinsias recently took part in the Connacht Finals of the  Community Games.   Number 27 is from Scoil San Phroinsias.

It was great fun.  We love sport:)  Come on everyone….let’s have some FUN!!


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Facts About Countries In the EU.


If you want to join the EU you have to bring benefits to the EU.

Also the country can’t be poor.

There is 30 countries in the EU. Ireland is one of them.

Britain is leaving the EU soon.

Europe is the 2nd smallest continent in the world. Australia is the smallest.

More than 700 million people live in Europe in more than 30 countries.

Luxembourg is the richest and one of the smallest countries in the EU.

The Alps are the biggest mountain range in Europe.

Carrantuohill is the biggest Mountain in Ireland it is 1,041 meters high. It’s in the Magillycuddy’s Reeks mountain range.

The Volga is the biggest river in Europe and it is 3,690 km long and the Shannon is about 1/10 smaller and it is 370 km long.

Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic are all  landlocked countries. This means that they don’t touch any seas or big lakes.

Even though England are in the EU at the moment they use their one currency which is called Pounds.

If you live in a country in the EU like Ireland you can go to any other country in the EU like Lithuania without a Visa.

A country can’t join the EU if there at war like Syria.

If a country in the EU goes poor all the other  countries have to give them money but they have to pay back all the other countries.

Although the United Kingdom is leaving the EU. Everyone will have to get a Visa if they wan’t to go to Northern Ireland but Irish Citizens won’t have to get a Visa.

The Alps are the largest mountain range in Europe but there is other mountain ranges like the Pyrenees, Pennines, Cascasus, Apennines and Carpathians.

The biggest mountain in Europe is in the mountain range Caucasus and the mountain is called Mt. Elbrus it is 5,633 meters high. Carrantuohill is about 1/5 smaller.

There are 4 timezones in Europe they are GMT, GMT+1, GMT+2 and GMT+3 Ireland is in GMT.

by Conor Burke

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One day I was getting out of  bed and my name is John and my sister name is Karl and my dad’s name is James and my mom’s name is Aimeelee and my pet is a dog and he is a pug and his name is max and we are  from Spain and we go on are holidays to  Ireland and it dose kines of rain and we have to pay to go back to Spain.


Image result for ireland






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International Day in Scoil San Phroinsias

On Wednesday it was international day .

Lots of people from different countries came to the school .

People brought in food and lots of other things of other things.

There was music playing and lots of people had different clothes on.  They were very colourful.  The skirts were very long and beautiful.   My aunty ,mom  and my cousin came.

We tried lots of different foods. I tried a scone. It was not nice I threw it in the bin.

I got some soda from Alexandra and cake. The cake was nice.

Then I went to show my mom my  flag. The colours of the flag were green white and blue. then my mom, aunty and my cousin had to go.

International day was the funest day ever .

I hope it is like this next year.



By Aminata


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The Evil Doctor

Once opon a time lived a doctor who wasnt really a doctor he would fake he passed collage  and got a A+  but he really got a F.  He went into work one day and a little girl hurt her leg. He told her she would have to cut it off all did he know nothing was wrong she said I told you that i would revel your secret she took his test when he got a F and showed him and ran to the manager and showed him the test and said this is his real test.  He was suprised that this had happened for the first time. The manager fired him and took all his pay checks off him.  The little girl was delighted that her dad could get the job.  She said she would have the purfect person for the job. The manager said bring hm in he got the job.  They lived the best life.  The End   By Shelby

Image result for doctor mean cartoon

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