A Trip To Burren Nature Sanctuary

The Start

Two days ago we went on our school tour and we went to Burren Nature Sanctuary . At first I thought we were just going to talk about animals on the farm but instead we didn’t we spilted into groups of two Ms Farrelly and some of Ms Mooney’s class went to the park there . Ms O Shea and the rest of Ms Mooney’s class  went to talk about the animals . After a hour or two we went to talk about animals while the other’s went to the park to play. Eventually we came back to the park some of us played on the outside and some of us played on the inside park


The games on the outside were a Zip line , obstacle  course challenge , a slide , a giant revolving see saw and  a sand area digger . I went on the the giant revolving see saw with Daniel first then Declan second and Daniel again . I also went on the zip line a good few times . I went on the slide . Then  I tried the obstacle course challenge but some of them I got some I didn’t . The games on the inside were fun as well there was a slide a small soft boxing bags two of them.


On the walk our tour gide was Siobhon we started talking about  goats , Alpaca , pigs , lambs , guinea pigs and rabbits some people steped in cow poo and there were some questions on the way then we saw the Alpaca , lambs , pigs and goats we fed them , then we saw the guinea pigs and we went back to to the park again. 

going home 

Unfortunately it was One O’clock and we had to go home we stoped at the Petrol station to buy something and went home we got back at Two Fifteen

By Samuel

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