Lotto winner blows winning on huge monster party!!!!

In county Galway,  a young man named Jack Nolan aged 21 bought a scratch card thinking it was of no use. He went home to scratch it and what he saw was out of this world. He had just won 50 million euro. “I thought I was going to freak out,“ he told our reporter. About a week later it all changed. He decided to throw a huge monster bash full of people dressed up as monsters. This party cost 20 thousand euro for all the food and 25 thousand for the costumes. A week later he is truly gutted that he didn’t spend most of the money wisely. “I can’t believe I did that. I wasted most of my money on a one night thing,” he said. He also told us that he is donating half of the money to a local hospital and the rest for the dog rescue society.

By Mia

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