The Evil Doctor

Once opon a time lived a doctor who wasnt really a doctor he would fake he passed collage  and got a A+  but he really got a F.  He went into work one day and a little girl hurt her leg. He told her she would have to cut it off all did he know nothing was wrong she said I told you that i would revel your secret she took his test when he got a F and showed him and ran to the manager and showed him the test and said this is his real test.  He was suprised that this had happened for the first time. The manager fired him and took all his pay checks off him.  The little girl was delighted that her dad could get the job.  She said she would have the purfect person for the job. The manager said bring hm in he got the job.  They lived the best life.  The End   By Shelby

Image result for doctor mean cartoon

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