Kid normal farm animals

Once upon a time wait no. Once upon a farm there was a quiet feild the sun was hot wait thats not Ireland I’ll try again.  Once upon a farm there was a loud feild and it was freezing. ” I’ve got a cold Bum.” said the horse.   “I can hardely feel my fethers.”  said Mr Chicken.  “Lets play ninjas.” said Darragh the pig.  “NO!” said evryone exsept Noah the chicken.  “I will be able to shoot eggs!” said Noah.  Just then farmer Old mac Donald came out with a gun “For Christmas dinner I shall have ham and chicken.”  Darragh and Noah ran because they were the only pig and chicken on the farm.  Noah the chicken said “Lets kick butts.” “No lets be ninjas” So they ran to there house (they live together) they got there ninja costumes and ran to old mac donald.  “Now can we kick butts?” asked Noah.  “Yes.” said Darragh lets get weapons.  So Darragh got a staff and Noah got a nunchuck.  “ATTACK” said Noah.  But the farmer had an army  “Thats better” said Darragh ” a challenge.”  So they had a fight.  KAPOW SHPLADOW BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM  “MY FACE”  Darragh and Noah ruled the farm “Evrybody we are your new kings so….. Lets party!!!” said Darragh.

The End

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