Lily donated her hair.

Lily donated her hair to little princess trust.She cut her hair into a bob. Lily got a certificate for giving her hair. she is very proud of herself.


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Tayto Park

I went to Taytopark. My cousins came with me and my sister came with me and my mummy and  daddy and it was fun. And I had fun  and I got a🍦and🍔🍟🍹my cousins came  with me and  I went to the rollercoaster and it was scary and I went in the Tunnels🌈 and I  got a📲and a💻🍭.   And I got Easter eggs.  Easter is fun

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Butter The butterfly

Two days ago a butterfly hatched  from its cocoon in a net.  Teacher put some water and sugar in a pot so the butterfly can drink. But because the sun was shining in the pot of Sugary water the water got sticky. Then the butterfly went into the pot of sugary water and then his wings got sticky😔😱 after that we released him from the net he was scared. But happily the butterfly flew away and poof we didn’t have the butterfly. By the way the sun helped the butterfly fly away.🍃🐛🍃That is a butterfly.


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Pokémon Rules !!!!

In pokémon you can battle with other pokémon.  Sometimes your Pokémon can evolve , when it evolves it will be a stronger Pokémon .  You need a trainer to fight other Pokémon.  Pokémon can evolve.  Pokémon is fun.  In Nintendo we can play pokémon.  I have Pokémon cards!!!! Lunala is the moon Pokémon and Surgaleo is the sun Pokémon.  By Ruqayah  Image result for Lunala

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New baby Sabhdh.

A few  days ago my mammy had a baby her name is Sabhdh.  She is cute. I can hold her.  I got her some baby food.  Her weight was 6:6.  My Mammy might be coming home today hopefully.

Image result for new baby

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How to Play Four Corners

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[1] Firstly you need 4 corners in a room. You also have to number the 4 corners from 1-4.

[2] Select a person to go up to the top of the room and count down from ten with their eyes closed.

[3] Everyone picks a corner to go to themselves, and the person that’s on picks a number, 1,2,3 or 4.

[4] Say if the person picks the number 3 , everyone that’s on corner 3 is out.

[5] The last person that is left in the game has won and gets to be the person that’s on 🙂

By: Izzy and Anna.

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How to Play Stop the Bus

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  • First get a page and draw 7 columns and on the top of each column write Boy, Girl, Food, Drink, Animal, Place and title.
  • Pick one person to say the alphabet in their head and ask them to stop after a few seconds. When they say a letter you have to write down a Boys or girls name  beginning with that letter and a type of food and a drink and a animal and a place and a title starting with that letter as well.
  • The first person to get them all wins the game. Do this a few times and the person and the person who wines the most wins the game.

by Katelyn and Conor

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Mewtwo is a humanoid Pokemon.  He is the only Pokemon that can speak. He was created by scientists.  Why they created Mewtwo was to protect the people from a Pokemon named Mew.  Mewtwo was causing chaos!!!!!.  Mewtwo can defeat any Pokemon.  He has betrayed the people he has chosen not to work with the people. He has set off and left the city.  Mew has set off already. But Mew is willing to help the people. Mewtwo is really bad and wants to destroy the world.  Image result for Mewtwo

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The Pokémon Caterpie

 Ok Pokémon are creatures(But not real in this world). Today I am going to tell you about the pokémon Caterpie. Caterpie is a bug type. Caterpie Evolves into Metapod and Metapod evolves into Butterfree. Caterpie is a extremaly weak pokémon:(. Caterpie can only know 2 moves. This is its evoulution.Image result for caterpie metapod butterfree evolutions


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Lilypup is a pokémon.  Lilypup evolves to Herdier. Herdier evolves into Scoutland.  If you say pokémon backwords you get nomékop.  Pokémon is very pupular in the world 99% of people love it.  I kind of like pokémon but not a lot.  Pokémon is an addicting game.  Most pokémon are cute.   By Shelby

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