Making A Parachute

Today teacher put us in groups of two and three. Afterwards we went and picked our materials. We made our parachutes and this is how. 

Task: To design and make a parachute 

Materials: Lego blocks, String, Tape, Cardboard and Tissue


1. I discussed, with my group how to use the materials

2.We punched holes in the tissue.

3.We stuck the string in the holes.

4.We sellotaped the cardboard at the back of the tissue.

5.We attached all the strings together.

6.We attached the lego block to the strings.

7.We then went to the top of the stairs and threw it down.

Ours came to one second and the highest was three seconds.

Lizy.K xx

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Task: To design and make a parachute.

Materials:Lego block, string, tissue, carboard and tape


1.We discussed which materials and decided what to started .

2. we punched holes in the tissue with a hole puncher

3. punched holes in the tissue with a hole puncher.

4. Lizy stuck some cardboard with tape.

5. We used a plastic cup but it was too heavy so we took it off.

6. We attached the lego brick. Then we were finished.

Result: We dropped  it from  the top of the stairs . Then me and Lizy came second last . Ours flew for one second  we had a so much 



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Task: To design and make a parachute.

Materials: Lego Blocks, String, J- Cloth, Tissue Paper and Masking Tape.


1. I discussed, with my group how to use materials.

2. When we were done discussing we finally had an idea!

3. We got tissue paper and we punched holes on all the edges.

4. We got strings and put them in and tied them.

5. Then we got masking tape and put the lego block and taped it to the end of the string. We also put J- Cloth on the top. 

*~If I was making a parachute again I would put more J- Cloth and less Masking tape because it was too heavy ~* 

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My favorite game is Fortnite Battle Royale. My favorite game gun is the Hunting Rifle or Blue Tactical Shoutgun. My favorite place to land is Tilted Towers or The Big Chair. My highest kill game is 16. I have 32 solo wins, 23 duo wins and 34 squad wins. My least favorite gun is the grey assault rifle. My least favorite place to land is Snobby Shores. My favorite skin is Shadow Ops or Omega. My favorite dance is the floss.

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Ancient Greeks

Image result for ancient greece athens

  • Greece was divided into city states such as Sparta and Athens.
  • Greece had the best army at their time.
  • They made a very famous story called Helen of Troy.
  • Men and women had different rights.
  • They used to believe in multiple gods such as zeus, Athena.
  • The Greek army defeated many different armies.
  • The Greeks used their slaves to sell pottery at the markets.
  • The Greeks were good at pottery, welding, jewellery and fighting.
  • The Greek girls played a game called knucklebones.
  • The Greeks had the first marathon from Marathon to Athens.
  • The Cyclops was a Greek mythical creature.
  • Parthenon is a famous temple on top of the Acropolis.
  • Rich Greek people had slaves to do their cleaning.


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Rep of Ireland vs Wales

On Tuesday the 11th of September, the 5th and 6th classes went to a match in Eamonn Deacy Park.  Some 6th class children were picked to be ball boys, mascots and flag people. I was a ball boy. The match was Rep of Ireland v Wales. It was a good day for a match as it was sunny and dry. The match ended 2-0 to Ireland. Aaron Connolly scored and I got my jacket signed by him                                                                                                                                                                    When we were back at school the people who had jobs got prizes. It was fun!


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There are around 1510 active volcanoes in the world! They reach from seven hundred to one thousand and two hundred degrees. Volcanoes  normally erupt for short periods of time  and then remain dormant for a long time . During dormant periods the lava  bubbles and  boils in a lava lake  in the crater or it may solidify.


Mount Vesuvius is one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes. It is located  in southern Italy on the gulf of Naples. It is the only volcano on the European mainland that has erupted during the last century and it is still active. It has erupted over fifty times in the last two thousand years. The eruption in seventy nine AD destroyed the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. This eruption spewed 1.5 million tonnes of lava per second.  Pompeii is visited  by over 2.6 million people per year. People actually live on the rim of mountains how crazy is that!

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The Republic of Ireland’s Great Win

Last week Ireland got a great win. It was 2 goals for Ireland and 0 for Wales. It was a great win. Aran Ms Dylan’s nephew got a beautiful header into the goal. It was amazing. We played at Eamonn DC Park . Aran  Connolly missed the second  penalty and Wales missed the first one . Gavin Kilkenny got the second goal me and Declan were mascots . They gave me and Declan  an Ireland kit. 

It  was great fun

By Samuel Oluwaseyi Shomefun 

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Spiders By Julia in 6th class Ms.Farrelly

Spiders are really interesting for us in many different ways.

Spiders look to some people scary,weird, interesting and cute but what do we really know about them?

Spiders have eight legs and eight eyes in rows of four at the front. Their legs are hollow and contain fluid and muscles. Spiders also have two body parts. Spiders also have two palps one on each side of the fangs in front of the legs.

All spiders have many things in common but every spider love to eat insects. It’s their favorite food.

A lot of spiders live in trees and bushes.

Spiders are mini-beasts and carnivores.

The largest spider in the world is the Goliath tarantula.

How do spider mate

Spiders are cannibals and will eat each other, so mating can be a risky business. When a male spider wishes to mate, he will often bring a present to the female its a dead insect wrapped up very well in silk strands. While the female is busy unwrapping the gift and eating the insect, the male mates with her. If the female finished eating the insect and the mating is not completed the female spider can eat the male spider.

The extra protein gives the female the strength to lay dozens of eggs. Some species carry their eggs around in an egg sac and others leave the eggs in the  silken nest.

By Julia Brzezinska 6th class                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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Back To School

My first day back I was so happy to meet new friends my new teacher is miss Gallery . she is so nice to everyone .we are going to be in the parade .we lern so much irish my mums friend had a Baby boy his name is Ronin . By mya- 3rd class

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